Friday, December 16, 2011

Bryozoan "Garden" from Lockport, NY

A final piece from the many that I have collected from the Irondequoit limestone Rochester Shale near Lockport, NY. This is a slab of limestone that has several species of Bryozoan on it and is a good example of the "Fossil Bryozoan Gardens" that are well known from the Irondequoit limestone Rochester Shale.



Of the species that are present on the slab I can ID Chilotrypa ostiolata, Chasmatopora asperato-striata, and Fenestella elegans. Then there are a couple of new forms that I am not yet familiar with.

Mat like Fistuloporids?

These could be Callopora or Hallopora

I will visit the site where I found these fossils again and hopefully I will find some more species to add to my collection.

The Irondequoit limestone Rochester Shale is Silurian in age (Wenlock series, Sheinwoodian stage).

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