Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random fossil image from my archives

I'm trying to get a digital record of all the fossil and mineral specimens that are in my collection (this being a loose term used merely to identify anything I have in a box that I'm not willing to trade or sell at the moment). Sometimes I can give you a nice bit of info and backstory on something but these next two pieces are mysteries to me.

I'm a huge fan of fossil insects (and live ones too, check out this website to get a insect image fix). So when I came across these two plates I impulse purchased them quickly. They have a simple label "Hemiptura (True Bug)" stating they come from the "L. Jurassic - E. Cretaceous" and "Shangdong Province, China" but nothing else to help narrow down the genera. Not being an Entomologist I can only guess at what these insects were.

This looks similar to a modern water strider to me:

This one has another "water strider" and some kind of beetle looking critter:

Part of the problem with identifying these insects is the lack of information on the labels. Also, many times fossils from overseas, especially China, can be mislabeled in order to simplify the sellers task or hide the actual site from other collectors or authorities who might prevent valuable fossils from leaving. However, I like them enough to keep them around in my collection and maybe one day I will find out where they come from and what they are.

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