Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trilobites from the Kalkberg formation of New York

I have not found too many trilobite fossils in my limited searching of the Kalkberg formation but I did find pieces of two different species.

The first are these free cheeks from Acidaspis tuberculatus. Note the knobby extensions that are spaced along the edge of the genal spine up to where the cheek attached to the rest of the cephalon.

The other, major piece of trilobite that I found was this thorax-pygidium combo from what I believe was a Paciphacops logani.  I was very excited when I first spied this fossil lying on the surface of the rock. At the time the anterior was covered with some loose rocks but once I removed them only this remained. Since I found it in a road cut, perhaps it fell from a higher rock and landed on the bench I was exploring. It's too bad the cephalon was not with it as this would be a really nice specimen. As it is, a little light cleaning and I should be able to expose more of the exoskeleton.

It's a very thin fossil on a very thin piece of shaly limestone.

Both of these fossils came from the same roadcut near Schoharie, NY which exposed the Lockhovian to Pragian stage (Devonian) aged Kalkberg formation.

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