Friday, June 15, 2012

Howellella (?) from the Keyser formation

This fossil is from the Keyser formation but I'm not entirely sure of it's name. I think it's a Howellella but it could also be Megakozlowskiella, Delthyris or some other Spirifer. All are known from the Keyser so ID is difficult.

Brachial valve


Pedicle valve



The Keyser formation is Silurian to Devonian in age (Pridoli to Lockhovian stage).


  1. Dave - Willard in his reference "Devonian of Pennsylvania" ID'ed this brachiopod as "Spirifer modestus var. plicatus" in the section on Keyser fossils. I've found a few of these at this site - all still in matrix - ; however they seem to be a little smaller that this one.

    regards - Jack Kesling

    1. Jack, It's interesting that you bring that up as you mentioned a similar ID to a fossil I posted back in December of last year and called Eospirifer. The specimen in this post I can see being called "Spirifer modestus var. plicatus" but not the "Eospirifer" in my previous post.