Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pycnodonte newberryi from Utah

While visiting the Capitol Reef National Park I stopped off at a site outside of the park to collect some prolific oyster fossils. They are Pycnodonte newberryi and come from the Mancos shale. the shells are generally small but when found they cover large areas. They are considered rudists by some and this is a good example of how they could form reef like structures. Here is a typical specimen with both valves.

Left valve top

Left valve anterior

Left valve left side

Left valve posterior

Left valve right side

Left valve interior

Right valve

Right valve profile (life position?)

The Mancos shale is Cretaceous in age and is dated to the late Cenomarian stage. The site these were found at is outside of the park boundaries on federal BLM land.

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