Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fossils from the Needmore Shale

Here are some other fossils that I found at the exposure of the Needmore shale near Newton Hamilton, PA.

Trilobite thorax, likely a Phacops sp.

This looks like an Lingula brachiopod

A Rhipidomella brachiopod

A small Ambocoelia brachiopod

A couple of unidentified pelecypods.

A Paleozygopleura gastropod

Another gastropod, possibly a Bembexia

All the above fossils were collected from the Needmore Shale member of the Onondaga formation (Devonian, Eifelian stage). I haven't really explored the exposure too much and there is little literature available as to the fauna that is preserved within. Hopefully future trips will yield more information and fossils.

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  1. Hi Dave - This is a great site. I have not been there since 911. I worry about the CONRAIL railway police since they have really cracked down on track trespass since 911. The train traffic was heavy in the railway cut before 911 - is it any better now? There are so many promising areas to collect and I'm tempted to try it again.

    regards - Jack Kesling