Sunday, June 17, 2012

Camarotoechia (?) from the Keyser formation

Camarotoechia is a small brachiopod that is fairly common in the Paleozoic. At times it seems to be another "dumping ground" for similar looking shells like Spirifer is. I believe that the fossil shown below is Camarotoechia and was found in the Keyser formation in Pennsylvania.

Pedicle valve


Brachial valve



I've posted pictures of Camarotoechia from other localities like Arkona, Oklahoma and New York.

The Keyser formation is Silurian to Devonian in age (Pridoli to Lockhovian stage).


  1. Dave - Willard in his reference "Devonian of Pennsylvania" ID'ed this brachiopod as "Camarotoechia litchfieldensis" in the section on Keyser fossils. Apparently, this brachiopod occurs from the Upper Silurian through the Helderberg - most commonly found in the Lower Keyser. There should be a lot of on-line references to this brachiopod, but probably not a lot of pictures.

    regards - Jack Kesling

    1. Thanks Jack, I neglected to look into my copy of that book before I wrote this post.