Monday, June 28, 2010


Greenops are fairly common trilobites in the Mahantango formation. Usually you find the feathery looking tails but not much else.

I have found a couple of examples that are prone and laid out in life position on the rock.

Greenops parts are prolific in the Widder formation. Here are some examples from my recent trek up to Arkona.


  1. Hey Dave great trilobites. I am really enjoying your posts. Look forward to the next one. How much more Arkona stuff will you be showcasing?

  2. Hey Daniel, I have plenty more Arkona material that I still need to go through and ID before I post it. Currently I'm in the middle of a run of fossils from my local Mahantango.

  3. Very good trilobite finds. The some of the Arkona specimens should prep out nicely.

  4. I have found a placoderm from the upper beds of the Hamilton Group.