Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dendrophyllia and Dromiopsis from Denmark

Dendrophyllia candelabrum is a very odd looking coral. It's known from Paleocene age rocks in Europe but is primarily found in the Danish basin and notably at exposures near Faxe, Denmark. It's a scleractinian coral but has a very dendritic growth pattern of loose, tube like shapes. They formed reef mounds in deeper, colder areas of water within the basin.

Sometimes there are decapod fossils among the coral branches. Below is a carapace from a Dromiopsis rugosa crab. This is typically how this species is found and rarely are they articulated.

The specimens shown above came from the seashore near Faxe, Denmark and are from the Paleocene (Danian stage). Thanks to Christian for sending me these specimens!

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