Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 finds

I'm going through some boxes of finds from the past collecting year and photographing what I've found. Part of this is documentation, part is to give me ideas for this blog.

I was very happy with this find, it's a complete Orthonota sp. pelecypod from the Mahantango. Most times I find this fossil with one or both valves as impressions in the rock. To find a loose specimen is really cool. I profiled Ortonota in a previous post as well.

My love of Pleurodictyum is well documented, but here are a two different specimens that caught my eye while parsing through the boxes. You can see casts of the internal cavities of Pleurodictyum but the most interesting thing is the fact that they grew on a large Pelecypod shell. This is a common find within the Mahantango and shows that the seabed was not hard enough for the coral to establish a colony.

This is perhaps the best Mucrospirifer that I've yet found in the Mahantango. It's just a mold of the shell but you can see the extents of the elongated hinge line. Considering that it is very difficult to get a whole specimen of Mucrospirifer with it's "wings" intact, this is not a bad specimen.

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