Monday, March 9, 2020

Eldredgeops iowensis southworthi trilobite from the Widder formation

I don't often have luck finding trilobites as I am usually distracted by brachiopods and corals.  However a couple of years ago I managed to find the fossil shown below while searching near Arkona, Ontario.  It's a rare example of an enrolled Eldredgeops iowensis southworthi

Pics of the specimen as it was found, before cleaning.

It comes from the Hungry Hollow member of the Widder formation and the trilobites are often crushed like this one is. It still retains some 3D detail but the cephalon is all mushed up.  I wasn't even really looking for anything when I found this. I was talking to a friend and he joked that I should go find a trilobite. I glanced down at his feet and I saw this fossil sitting right on the surface. 

I gave the specimen to a friend of mine, M.T., who did a superb job of cleaning off the excess mud and matrix.

Pics in natural light

High contrast pictures

I collected this specimen from the Hungry Hollow member of the Widder formation which is Devonian is age, Givetian stage.

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