Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Carcharhinus sp. teeth from Bone Valley

Here are three teeth that I found in a bag of mixed teeth labelled "Belgrade Quarry, NC".  I believe they are from a Carcharhinus sp. shark based on comments from member "Sixgill Pete" on the Fossil Forum. That member suggested these teeth were possibly from a Carcharhinus obscurus which is an extant species known as the Dusky Shark. Based on some comments from members of the Fossil Forum, these teeth likely come from "Bone Valley" in Florida (based on color of the fossils, which is not a reliable rule but it is often a good guide) and are middle Miocene to Pliocene in age.

Specimen #1

Specimen #2

Specimen #3

As I mentioned earlier , these teeth came in a bag labelled as "Belgrade Quarry, NC". That quarry exposes sediments from the Eocene to the Miocene.  Carcharhinus obscurus is not generally acceped to have evolved until the late Miocene epoch so it's likely these teeth are from a different quarry

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