Thursday, July 24, 2014

Meristella arcuata & Kozlowskiella raricesta brachiopods from the Onondoga formation

I found these two types of brachiopod on the floor of a old quarry near Syracuse, NY. They come from the Edgecliff member of the Onondoga formation (Devonian, Eifelian stage). They are fairly weathered but based on the paper "STRATIGRAPHY OF THE ONONDAGA LIMESTONE (DEVONIAN) IN CENTRAL NEW YORK By William A. Oliver, Jr (Bulletin of the Geological Society of America VOL. 66. PP. 621-662. JULY 1954)." I have some tentative ID's.

I think these are Meristella arcuata brachiopods Not enough detail for me to determine the pedicle vs. the brachial valve.

Specimen #1

Specimen #2

Then there is this Kozlowskiella raricesta valve (I think it's the pedicle valve)

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