Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crushed Devonoblastus from the Widder Fm.

I have another Blastoid to add to my collection from Arkona. It's a partially crushed specimen of what I think is Devonoblastus whiteavesi. I took some pictures of the 9.5mm long specimen with my Zorb microscope camera.

Crushed base of the specimen

Side views

View of the crushed side

To give you an idea of scale, here is the specimen held in my fingers.

Some close ups

The specimen was collected from the Hungry Hollow member of the Widder formation near Arkona, Ontario, Canada. The Widder formation is middle Devonian in age (Givetian) with the Hungry Hollow member being equivalent to the Centerfield member of the Ludlowville formation in New York, USA.

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