Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scutella faujasi from France

Here is a fine irregular echiniod that many would recognize as a sand dollar. It's Scutella faujasi from the Falun deposits near Tours in France. The Flauns are a group of rocks which, from what I gather from translations, is similar to a coquina or a rock formation formed mostly from the shells of sea animals with little sediment. It's generally Miocene in age (Helvétien or Serravalian and Langhian stage).

Adapical (top) surface
Posterior (rear)
Adoral (bottom or underside) Note that the anal pore is close to the edge of the shell and the mouth is located at the center.
Side profile

Sand dollars are so flat that it's pretty much useless to take a bunch of photos from the sides as it all looks very similar. This particular specimen was sent to me by my friend Christian.

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