Friday, November 23, 2012

Xenocyathellus thedfordensis coral from Arkona

My fall trip to collect at Arkona was successful in adding new species to my collection as well as expanding my knowledge of the local stratigraphy. Both were helped along by a new friend, Darrell, whom I'd met before on another trip. He explained and showed me some of the narrow horizons where particular fossils can be found within the Arkona shale. He's been collecting at the site for many years so it's good to get some of his first hand knowledge. Darrell had pointed out the Microcyclus bed to me and then handed me the specimen below of the more uncommon Xenocyathellus thedfordensis which can also be found in that horizon.

I'm going to have to keep my eyes open more when I'm next back at Arkona so I can find one of these uncommon fossils for myself!

Another picture from the Friends of the Univeristy of Michigan Museum of Paleontology illustrates some other specimens of Xenocyathellus thedfordensis.

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