Saturday, July 11, 2020

Philhedra crenistriata brachiopod from the Widder formation

Adding another Brachiopod species to my collection from the Hungry Hollow member of the Widder formation at Hungry Hollow, Ontario is Philhedra crenistriata. This is an inarticulate brachiopod and uncommon to find from this location. Inarticulate brachiopods are animals that hold their shells together using their muscles as opposed to Articulate brachiopods who have a hinge and teeth system to hold the shell together.

In this case, Philhedra crenistriata is a type of Inarticulate brachiopod which cements one valve of it's shell to a hard substrate (typically another brachiopod, mollusk, or coral) while the other valve lifts like an umbrealla. Philhedra is a simple genus to ID in the field by the flat rounded shell with a central raised "beak" that is surrounded by radiating ribs. The specimen below should be both valves with the top, or dorsal valve, visible. The ventral valve is beneath the dorsal valve and is cemented to the shell beneath.

I collected this specimen from the Hungry Hollow member of the Widder formation which is Devonian in age, Givetian stage.

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