Monday, August 24, 2015

Paleschara or Leioclesma bryozoans from the Kalkberg formation of New York

These little bryozoan "chips"were interesting to find and I'm trying to figure out what genera they are. They bear a resemblance to Paleschara sp. but they are not encrusting a shell, which is how I find them most often. they could also be another genera called Leioclesma sp. which looks similar but does not have the encrusting habit. Both of the below specimens did start out colonizing a small hard surface with the first specimen growing over an ossicle from a crinoid stem.

Specimen #1 - Dorsal surface

Profile view showing just how flat this fossil is.
Ventral surface

Specimen #2 - It's not as clear as to what the second specimen settled on. It could be a fragment of another bryozoan or possibly an ostracod carapace. Dorsal surface
Ventral surface

Both of these specimens were collected from the same roadcut near Schoharie, NY from the Kalkberg formation (Devonian, Lockhovian to Pragian stage).

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