Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Morocconites malladoides trilobite from Morocco

Morocconites malladoides is a trilobite that is notable for the unicorn like horn that extends from the anterior margin of the cephalon. Otherwise it looks like any other run of the mill Phacops type trilobite, except that it is in the family Calmoniidae rather than Phacopidae. This means it has more in common with trilobites like Eldredgia sp. and Metacryphaeoides sp. than Eldredgops (Phacops) rana or Greenops sp. It also is the sole species within it's genera. I'm not a trilobite expert but those facts are kinda interesting to me. Anyways back to the specimen!

Other than the spine extending from the cephalon, M. malladoides has a streamlined test with little to no decoration. There are some glabellar furrows but the pygidium is somewhat smooth except for along the central axis. The eyes are high on the Cephalon but are somewhat short or compressed and seem to angle slightly outward at the base where they meet the cheek. There is a minor border that extends around the cephalon and that the spine ties into. There are no lateral spines at the ends of the cephalon.

This specimen comes from the Morocconites Horizon of the Tazoulaït-Formation at Jebel Oufaten , near Alnif, southern Ma'der region, Morocco. Morocconites malloides is from the upper part of the Emsian stage of the Devonian.

Special thanks to Joan Corbacho and Pirhana from the Fossil Forum for helping me with research questions.

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