Thursday, June 11, 2015

Coltraneia oufatensis trilobite from Morocco

The tall eyes of this trilobite are a good indication that it is a Coltraneia oufatensis. It comes from the Emsian to Eifelian stage of the Devonian from the Djebel Oufatne area, near Alnif, Tafilalt region, Morocco. Sometimes you will see this same species referred to as Treveropyge but it differs from genus because of the taller eyes. It has very short genal spines extending from the cephalon and short, recurved spines on the Pygidium. The schizochroal eyes are by far the coolest feature of this beastie. Though not the biggest field of lenes, that is reserved for Erbenochile, they are still taller than most other Phacopid type trilobites and give a view of all angles around the animal. An important feature to have when you are on the dinner menu.

Another diagnostic feature of Coltraneia vs. Treveropyge is that the anterior border (bottom edge of the cephalon) gentle curve to it whereas in Treveropyge it is flat.

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