Friday, January 16, 2015

Brachiopods from the Utica Shale

I'll wrap up my series on fossils I found in the Utica Shale (Ordovician, Darriwillian stage) with this post concerning some Brachiopods that were among the specimens I brought home.

The first specimens are of Leptobolus insignia which are fairly common and scattred throughout the black shale. The appear to be a Lingulid type of brach which means they are inarticulate. Perhaps they lived in the mud or just on the surface of it.

Not much details in those pics because the shells are so small, only 1-3 mm in size. Here are some photos from my microscope or three different specimens.

The only other Brachiopod I found is this one that I think is a Paucicrura rogata.

It's much larger than the tiny inarticulate brachs. I'd say it got swept in by currents or a storm.

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