Monday, October 20, 2014

Sphaerirhyncia wilsoni brachiopod from the Wenlock formation

I'm kicking off a series of posts featuring brachiopods from the classic Wenlock formation of England with Sphaerirhyncia wilsoni.This brachiopod has a rounded shell with a shallow but wide sulcus. Ribbing is even but coarse and there are fine growth lines preserved as well. Note the bryozoan epibiont in the first image.

Brachial valve
Pedicle valve

This specimen came from the Silurian aged (Wenlock series, Sheinwoodian to Homerian stage) Wenlock formation near Dudley, England.

I've posted a similar specimen, Sphaerirhynchia lindenensis, from the lower Devonian (Lochkovian stage) Haragan formation of Oklahoma, here.

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