Saturday, January 11, 2014

Atactotoechus fruticosus bryozoan from the Wanakah Shale

These next two specimens I was sure were a new genus for me but Karl Wilson corrected me and said they were Atactotoechus fruticosus. So they are the same genus as the prior specimens I showed you but these are a different species (with very similar sounding names, thanks Science!). Apparently the difference is the size and height of the monticules (the little mound like shapes that pattern the surface of the colony).

Specimen #1

A nice cross section of the colony.

Specimen #2 needs some cleaning to reveal the detail of the colony.

Karl also pointed out that Atactotoechus used to be part of the genus Monotrypa.

Both specimens were found in the Wanakah shale, Ludlowville Fm. (Givetian stage of the Middle Devonian) along the shore line of Lake Erie near Lake View, NY.

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