Friday, May 31, 2013

Leptaena analogaeformis brachiopod from Poland

A very common brachiopod genera here in the US is Leptaena and it appears to also be common in the Skaly beds of Poland. Below are specimens of Leptaena analogaeformis with both internal and external views available.

Pedicle valve
Interior of Pedicle valve
Anterior - Note the slight twisting of the shell. I'm not sure if that is the result of how the shell grew or geologic processes.
Another view of the interior of the Pedicle valve with the muscle scars.

Compare that to the interior of the Brachial valve - Note this is a separate specimen and was not found articulated with the previous specimen.
Ventral surface of the Brachial valve

Unfortunately I don't have any specimens with both valves articulated. Both specimens came from near Kielce, Poland. The Skaly beds are dated to the Middle Devonian ( Eifelian to Givetian stages).

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