Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rafinesquina alternata brachiopod from the Verulam fm

One of the common index fossils of the Ordovician is Rafinesquina alternata. This prolific orthid brachiopod is extremely common in the upper Ordovician rocks around Cincinnati and Kentucky but is slightly less common in the middle Ordovician Verulam fm. Another interesting feature is that the size of the shells is smaller than those from around Cincinnati.

Here is a typical specimen that is loose from matrix.

Pedicle valve


Brachial valve



Here is a solitary specimen still in matrix.

This plate of Prasopora bryozoans has a Rafinesquina brachiopod among it

Several specimens on a mixed plate with a Lepidocyclus Rhyncotrema brachiopod and a Prasopora bryozoan among shelly debris.

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