Sunday, January 22, 2012

Partial Amphilichas trilobite cephalon from the Verulam fm.

This next specimen was a surprise find for me. I flipped a piece of rock upside down and saw the fossil below lying on the surface. It's the glabella from a cephalon of the trilobite Amphilichas. From talking to my friend Kevin, who regularly collects in the quarry we were in, it's pretty rare to even find this much in the Verulam fm.

It's too bad there wasn't more of the cephalon present but I'm pretty happy with this new genera to add to my collection. Based on the book "South Central Ontario Fossils" by William Hessin, the specimen could be Amphilichas ottawaensis. I found this in the Verulam formation of Ontatio, Canada which is middle Ordovician (Katian/Mohawkian stage) is age.

A slightly more complete cephalon of a Amphilichas can be seen here.

The Dry Dredgers have a page here with several examples of this genera found in the rocks around Cincinnati.

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