Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fossils I've traded away

I often write about the fossils I've received in trades with other collectors, well today I'm going to show some of the specimens that I've sent out. In many cases these are specimens that are nice but I'm not really interested in keeping as part of my collection. Others are especially picked for their recipients since they are good friends or have sent me very nice material in the past.

First up is this Silurian aged Dalmanites from the Rochester shale of New York. I sent it to mon ami en France, Gery who loves Trilobites. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll note that there are many fine fossils that Gery has sent me from France so it is the least I can do for him in exchange.

This next piece is a fossil fish, Eohiodon rosei , from the Eocene aged Tranquil shale of British Columbia, Canada. I'd purchased this specimen a few years ago and although I did like it, I felt that my friend Dan would appreciate it more. He lives in BC and has not yet had a chance to collect from the site but has similarly aged beds near him that yield well preserved insects and leaves. He has sent me some nice Trilobites from the Cambrian aged Tanglefoot Creek shale as seen here... and he even wrote a guest blog about them here!

My collection is richer thanks to the generosity of these two excellent collectors!

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  1. Dave it's been a real treat trading with you. I have some superb new additions to my collection the least of which is the fabulous fish from McAbee. I too am a trilobite nut and your generous trades of the Dipleura dekayi, Cedaria minor, Zacanthoides typicallis, Piochaspis sellata, Brachyaspidion microps and Ptyocephalus yersini were all welcome additions to my bug collection.

    I'm looking through my Tanglefoot Creek seconds (and firsts) to select some goodies for you. I have quite a selection of Allenby material that I am finalizing and should have a package off this weekend now that the postal workers are back to work.

    I wish I had some brachiopods to send you, but it looks like you already have everything that I do (plus lots more).