Monday, April 4, 2011

Utica Shale fossils from New York

While at the DMS show in Newark a few weeks ago I purchased these plates of Ordovician aged Utica Shale from Little Falls, NY. One of the clubs I belong to, the DVPS or Delaware Valley Paleontological Society, sometimes has a trip up to the locality but thus far I have not had a chance to get there. From what I have read, the Utica Shale is Cincinnatian in age and thus corresponds with the deposits in Ohio and Kentucky, although I don't know precisely which formation or layer.

Here is a compressed cephalopod, likely Orthoceras.

This piece of shale has a few Graptolites of the genus Geniculograptus (formerly known as Climacograptus). A similar species is found in the Southgate member of the Kope Formation.

Here is a page from the Dry Dredgers web site that shows some of these Graptolites as found during a field trip (scroll to the bottom of the page).

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