Saturday, July 27, 2013

Olenus & Ctenocephalus Trilobites from Sweden

From my exchanges with my friend Christian in France, here are some Trilobite fossils that he collected in Sweden.

First up are a couple of black shale pieces that have partial cephalon pieces from two species of Trilobites: Ctenocephalus exsulans and Bailiella impressa - Cambrian - Brantevik, Sweden

Here are some links to pages with more info on Bailiella impressa

This page is from Christian's Flickr account and you can see a piece with intact cephalons from both Ctenocephalus exsulans and Bailiella impressa

Next up are some Olenus truncatus (BRUNNICH, 1789) fossils from the Late Cambrian Alum Shale formation near Scania, Andrarum, Sweden.

Specimen #1

Specimen #2

Specimen #3

Thanks to Christian for these fossils. They help expand the Cambrian portion of my collection!

As I was researching these trilobites I came across Per Hansson's website and suggest a visit if you have even a passing interest in Trilobites. He has an impressive page of Trilobites that he has collected from various locations in Sweden.

I also came across an interesting paper here that discusses the environmental record saved within the Alum Shale formation.

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