Saturday, January 25, 2020

Flexicalymene sp. Trilobite from the Coburg Fm.

Next to Isotelus, Flexicalymene is the most common trilobite in the upper Ordovician. The same is not true in the Coburg formation as I have found only a few parts over the trips I've made. Below is a small, partially enrolled specimen that, unfortunately, is missing part of the cephalon. Based on William Hessin's book, "South Central Ontario Fossils", I think it may be Flexicalymene croneisi.

And this is an isolated pygidium.

The Coburg formation is Ordovician in age (late Ordovician, Katian/Mohawkian stage).
These fossils were collected from the St. Mary's Limestone Quarry in Bowmanville, Ontario. I used William Hessin's book "South Central Ontario Fossils", 2009, Self Published, pg. 172 to help identify them.

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