Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Leptocoelia flabellites from the Glenerie formation of New York

I made a trade with a friend from my local fossil club (Delaware Valley Paleontological Society) for some fossils that he'd picked up from Rutger's University. Every year the university holds a sale of donated and superfluous specimens of minerals and fossils as a fund raiser. In this case my friend purchased specimens which had been part of the collections but were being deaccessioned for one reason or another.  In this case it's a couple of rough specimens of Leptocoelia flabellites from the Lower Devonian aged (Pragian stage), Glenerie Fm. near Glenerie, NY.

Pedicle valve
Brachial valve is missing
Interior of pedicle valve from a different specimen.

Note: The white paint and india ink numbers are typical of specimens that have been part of a collection, especially if they were in a museum.

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