Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Arcyzona ostracod from the Silica Shale

Jumping over to the Silica shale here is a Arcyzona ostracod that I found in the Silica Shale.

Looking through the book "Ostracods of the Middle Devonian Silica Formation" there are several different Arcyzona species. I think this most closely resembles Arcyzona homlosagenota based on plate 8 (pg. 199). The other species of Arcyzona all seem to have linked ridges ornamenting their surfaces while A. homlosagenota has a "honeycomb" like surface decoration. I collected this from eroded residue of the Silica Shale (Devonian, Givetian stage) near Sylvania, Ohio.

References: "Ostracods of the Middle Devonian Silica Formation" by Kesling, R. V.; Chilman, R. B, 1978, FUMMP Papers on Paleontology No. 18

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