Thursday, April 17, 2014

Some new finds from the Kashong Shale

This past spring I hunted among the eroded remnants of the Kashong Shale near Greigsville, NY and found a few interesting fossils.

This is a very narrow Crinoid holdfast that must have grown on a jumble of thin shell material.

It is not uncommon to find pieces of shell hash that have flat bryozoans incoporated in with them. This is a piece of matrix that has a Taeniopora exigua piece on one side...
... and some Sulcoretipora incisurata on the other side.

Lastly I found a portion of a crushed Blastoid that may have been a Nucleocrinus or Devonoblastus.

All the above specimens were found in the Kashong shale member of the Moscow formation which is middle Devonian in age (Givetian stage).

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