Saturday, June 13, 2020

Cyphaspis carrolli trilobite from the Haragan formation

The lower Devonian rocks of Oklahoma are full of really cool trilobites and I've had a chance to collect some from the Bois D'Arc formation. The Haragan formation is stratigraphically similar and  is mined by Bob Carroll for the trilobites that it contains. He has been mining for decades and doing his own prep work of the majority of his finds. When I saw this specimen of Cyphaspis carrolli (named for Bob) for sale I had to add it to my collection.

It's a small trilobite with raised eyes and spines coming off each side of the cephalon as well as one off the middle of the thorax. The specimen has been expertly prepped by Bob and looks like it is just resting before moving on.

The Haragan formation is Devonian in age (Lockhovian stage). The Bois d'Arc and Haragan formations interfinger with each other and are roughly the same age (Devonian, Lockhovian stage). They are both roughly correlative to the Helderberg fauna of New York and thus are contemporaneous with the Coyemans, Kalkberg and New Scotland formations.

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