Sunday, April 12, 2015

Amaltheus sp. ammonite from France

Here is another type of pyritized Ammonite that can be found in the Toarcian aged rocks (Jurassic) around Millau, Aveyron Dept., France. It's labelled as an Amaltheus sp. and is a small fossil. The whorls overlap about 25% of each previous volution. The external ornamentation is preserved well with the strong ribs that do not continue onto the keel. The keel is smooth except for a raised portion that has slight notches regularly space so that it looks like a braid from the side. Not enough of the internal sutures are visible to tell for sure, but this specimen looks very similar to one that I saw on the forum, in this post, that was identified as Amaltheus margaritatus cf. forma subnodosus.

Thanks to Gery for sending me this fossil!

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