Thursday, February 19, 2015

Atactotoechus fruiticosus bryozoan from the Moscow Formation

I found two little "stumps" of a bryozoan at the Deep Springs Rd. quarry in Madison County, NY. There is not too much to examine as they are fairly small but they resemble the species Atactotoechus fruiticosus. It is interesting to find these specimens as small, individual colonies and not larger, branching versions.

This first specimen is a thick, finger like piece with small monticules on the surface. The next few pictures will show different angles of it but this appears to be a single mound and was not broken off from a larger piece.

The second piece is a very small button like mound. It reminds me of Prasapora from the Ordovician.

This is the bottom of the specimen. I need to clean it off a little better to see if there is any evidence of what it attached to when it started to grow.
Top of the specimen

I have found Atactotoechus fruiticosus before in the Moscow formation at Lake Erie near 18 Mile Creek (Hamburg, NY) in the Wanakah shale of the Ludlowville formation.

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