Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pleurodictyum amazonicum coral from Bolivia

Pleurodictyum is a favorite coral of mine and now I have specimens from the Devonian of Bolivia in my collection. Below are three examples of Pleurodictyum amazonicum corals from the Belen formation. All three are casts of the original fossils found in nodules. The original calcium carbonate skeletons have long since dissolved away and only the mud filled voids are preserved. Despite this the fossils are still identifiable due to the somewhat unique growth pattern of the genus.

Specimen #1

Specimen #2

Specimen #3 - This one is nicely preserved and you can see some of the interconnecting mural pores.

These fossils have a very similar preservation to those that I find in my local Mahantango Formation here in Pennsylvania. I have also found Pleurodictyum in the Wanakah Shale, Kashong Shale and Jeffersonville Limestone.

All three specimens shown above come from then Belen formation (Devonian, Emsian stage) south of the capitol of Boliva, La Paz.

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