Saturday, September 6, 2014

Aulocystis auloporidea coral from the Centerfield limestone

One of the sites I visit, that exposes the Centerfield limestone, has chunks of limestone in which the fossils contained within are partially replaced by Quartz. The easiest way to expose these fossils is by dissolving the surrounding limestone with acid. The specimen below is from the residue of such a piece of limestone. It is an interconnected series of coral calices that I believe is Aulocystis auloporideas. I made the ID after visiting this page at the Falls of Ohio website, but it seems to disagree with a specimen that I have from the Silica Shale. So I will keep the label as is for now in hopes of getting a more accurate ID in the future.

The specimen above came from limestone that belonged to the Centerfield member of the Ludlowville formation (Devonian, Givetian stage) near East Bethany, NY.

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  1. Very nice!! You did an excellent job of etching that out.

    Don (FossilDAWG)