Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eridophyllum archiaci coral from along Lake Erie

As I have been sorting through my finds from along Lake Erie and the Penn Dixie site in Blasdell, NY I've come across some coral specimens that I think are Eridophyllum archiaci. I showed a previous specimen (E. subcaespitosum) from the Penn Dixie site that showed the budding habit of reproducing but these are individual, finger like pieces and a few have the calice preserved.

Specimen #1

 Here is the preserved calice. It could use a little cleaning but you can see some of the septa.

Specimen #2 appears to be a section from near the base of an individual. You can see a curve to the corallite and a couple of support structures coming off the side.

Specimen #3

 This specimen's calice is better defined and you can see that it does have a depression in the middle.

These specimens come from along Lake Erie near 18 Mile Creek and could have originated within either the Wanakah shale of the Ludlow Formation or the Windom shale of the Moscow formation. Both are Devonian period, Givetian stage.

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