Monday, January 17, 2011

Sulcoretipora from the Silica Shale

Many Bryozoans are hard to ID due to their similar growth patterns and exterior look. Not so with the genera Sulcoretipora. As you can see in the pictures below it's a flat, branching Bryozoan. The only other common genera that has a similar look is Taeniopora but that has a prominent central rib that runs up the center of all the branches.

The specimen above all come from the Silica shale and were collected at Sylvania, OH.

I'm going to call these Sulcoretipora deissi based on the 1975 book by Robert V. Kesling & Ruth B. Chilman: Strata and Megafossils of the Middle Devonian Silica Formation: Museum of Paleontology, Papers on Paleontology, No. 8, pg. 71, pl. 44.

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