Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Meristella obtusa brachiopod from the Wenlock Formation

Contrasting with the small brachiopod in yesterday's post, today I have Meristella obtusa from the Silurian aged (Wenlock epoch, Sheinwoodian to Homerian stage) Wenlock formation, near Dudley, England. The shell is smooth and round, about the same ratio wide as it is long. There is a wide but shallow sulcus and a heavily recurved umbo on the pedicle valve.

Brachial valve
Pedicle valve

I have featured several species of Meristella on my blog before like Meristella atoka from the Haragan formation, Meristella haskinsi from the Centerfield mbr. of the Ludlowville formation, and Meristella arcuata from the Onondoga limestone.

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