Saturday, July 23, 2016

Erbenoceras solitarium goniatite from Morocco

The Goniatite I am writing about today also comes from Morocco and have a very simple suture pattern. I used a webpage in Japan, hosted by Gifu University, to help identify it as Erbenoceras solitarium  This specimen has tall whorls that are subrectangular in shape and do not overlap prior whorls much.  The suture pattern is a very gentle curve and appears to be very simple. I don't know what part of Morocco this comes from but I believe it's Devonian (Famennian stage) in age. The central whorls are missing in this specimen but much of the living chamber is present.

Right side


Left side with some extra, granular pyrite crystals growing over much of the fossil.

Keel with the living chamber cross section.

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