Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cymaclymenia sp. goniatite from Morocco

Here is another pyritized Goniatite from Morocco that I am calling Cymaclymenia sp.  This is based on the same Facebook lead that helped me ID the Prionoceras lentis specimen in the previous post.

There are a number of pictures on the internet of specimens with a similar suture pattern to the specimen shown below and most are called Cymaclymenia.  The suture pattern is very distinctive with a square notch like shape located a little more than halfway towards the keel. I am not sure of the species as I don't have any good locality information but I believe this comes from the upper Devonian (Famennian stage).

Left side


Right side

Keel with last suture chamber visible.

In the course of my research I found a webpage in Japan that has a very comprehensive and illustrated page of Goniatites that appear to be from Morocco. It is hosted on the Gifu University site and the link above is to a page that shows an illustrated list of genera from the lower Devonian through the upper Devonian. I can't find any information on who created or maintains the site but I certainly appreciate it's presence.

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