Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Pelecypods from the Moscow formation

Here are some pelcypods from the Windom shale member of the Moscow formation of New York.

Grammysioidea arcuata from near Eaton, NY

Cypricardella bellastriata from the Lake Erie shoreline

I am not entirely sure of what genera this shell is, but I found it near Tully, NY. It looks like an internal mold of possibly a Paracyclas?

Palaeoneilo emarginata found at Tully, NY

A closer view

Note the casts of a bryzoan (likely Hederella sp.) that are preserved with the exterior mold of the shell. From the view I see it looks as though the bryozoan was growing on the outside of the shell.

The Windom shale is a part of the Moscow formation and is just below the Tully Limestone which marks the boundary of the Givetian/Fransian stages of the Devonian in New York.

I used the book "Geology and Paleontology of Eighteen Mile Creek and the Lake Shore Sections" by Amadeus Grabau, 1898, Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, to help ID these fossils.

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