Friday, December 7, 2012

Phacops speculator from Morocco

Here is another specimen that I received in trade from my friend Jenaro, A Phacops speculator. Phacops is a genera that is well know to collectors here in the US. Phacops rana is the most common species found in Devonian aged rocks in my area like these from the Mahantago Formation or these  from the Silica Shale.

They have sculpted this fossil so that it is raised up on a sort of plinth.

Enlarged glabella with the holochroal compond eyes are key features of the a Phacops trilobite

You'll notice that there are tool marks seen all over the specimen. I don't mind this as it shows the specimen was not overly restored.

My thanks to Jenaro for sending me this wonderful specimen! It comes from the AM Limestone (Devonian) at Mount Issoumour near Alnif, Morocco.

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