Friday, December 21, 2012

Dactylioceras commune from Yorkshire, England

A friend of mine, Roger, from Germany was in Canada visiting some of his family recently and I was able to meet up with him and do some trading. He primarily collects from his local Mesozoic exposures in southern and central Germany. I swapped some Trilobites with him and in return he gave me some Ammonites that he'd personally collected and prepped. Among them are these two Dactylioceras commune from near the town of Kettleness along the Yorkshire coast of England.

The first specimen is completely exposed, except for a minor piece of matrix on the back.

The second specimen is still embedded within the limestone nodule that they are typically found in. Roger cut and polished a face to exposed the preserved chambers within.

Here you can see the exterior of the nodule (polished side is at the top) and notice that there is another specimen still within the rock.

These specimens come from the bifrons Zone of the Lias epsilon within the Toarcian stage of the lower Jurassic (now that is some specific stratigraphy!). A big Thank You to Roger for giving me these specimens!

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