Saturday, May 16, 2020

Modiomorpha mytilodies pelecypod from the Moscow formation

Among the most common pelecypods that can be found in the Moscow formations is Modiomorpha mytilodies. It's an oval shaped shell with the anterior smaller than the posterior. The surface of the shell is covered with broad, undulating concentric growth lines.

Specimen #1 is a loose cast of the shell that is compressed to nearly flat

Left valve
Right valve
A view of the fossil profile from the ventral margin

Specimen #2 - isolated right valve

Specimen #3 - isolated left valve

Specimen #4 - Another loose cast but it's slightly deformed such that the right valve is partially folded over along the dorsal margin

Left valve
Right valve

These specimens were found at a borrow pit on Deep Springs Road in Madison County, NY which exposes the Windom shale member of the Moscow formation (middle Devonian in age, Givetian stage.)  

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